July 4, 2011

Western Digital PCB 2060-701314-002 Circuit Board

2060-701314-0021. I had a WD3200JB which has a fried PCB due to power surge caused by a bad floppy drive power connector. However, another Maxtor drive on the same power cable is still working (yet), WD should really put Over-Current-Protection on their drive, too much people using WD has the same situation, sigh…
I need this PCB, please, anyone have this board or anything near/related contact me.
Drive Model: WD3200JB-00KFA0
PCB (etched): 2060-701314-002 REV A
PCB (sticker): 2061-701314-A00 AG
Will the drive work if I get a PCB from the same model harddrive and swap the U12 chip? Do you think they always change the PCB design for every batch of the same harddrive…?

2. My HDD (WD3200JB-00KFA0) PCB got fried due to power surge (my guess).
And the following are pictures of the PCB.
Could anyone help me to identify what components got burned?
And also what’s the function of each particular components?
It’ll help to find out what really happened.
After doing research on google, etc., what I know is the most top IC is the motor.
But I don’t know the rest.
By looking at the cushion, there are 4 areas got burnt.
I mirrored the cushion picture just to make it easier to see.

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