July 8, 2011

Western Digital 2060-701393-002 PCB Circuit Board

2060-701393-0021. Hello, i need PCB for western digital 3200KS
There is no sound of spinnig when i plug in power and this AA chip is going to be very hot.

2. I have a WD3200JS-00PDB0 (320Gb WD SATA2) HDD which I fried the circuit board on it after doing some "creative" soldering on a dodgy enclosure that I had. I thought that I had backed up all of the data, but it turns out I’m missing all digital photos from 2004 … and I think that they are on this fried disk!
I asked WD support if there are other circuit boards which should be compatible … but they basically said any change like that is unsupported! I don’t really care about the support … I just want to try to get my data back.
My circuit board revision is: 2060-701393-002 REV B
and the model of the drive is WD3200JS-00PDB0

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