Hard Disk PCB

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1. Harddisk PCB replacement – hey all i recently burnt a 1tb drive by accident. the pcb’s power smt’s show obvious burns so im pretty confident a pcb replacement would help.
Im just wondering which shops in simlim offer this service:
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB ST31000520AS 100536501 100535537 PCB 1000GB Circuit Board with Firmware Transfer exact model and pcb. i would glady do the replacement myself but the problem is the firmware needs to be flashed over and i dont have the equipment.
any ideas where to get and around how much it would cost?

Hard Disk PCB

2. Data Recovery from a hard disk with Damaged PCB – If your hard disk is not powering on (i.e you cannot hear any noises at all coming from the hard disk) or you smell a burning smokey smell coming from the disk, chances are the PCB is damaged.

Common causes of PCB damage:

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