WD 2060-771945-001 PCB

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Q1: Hi I used the wrong power supply and I think I fried my board. I think I need a PCB board or the board that plugs into it that has the USB 3 connector and power plug. There is another component that plugs into the PCB board that when I replaced with a older model got the HD to spin and my computer recognized but could not read the disk. I think because the HD is probably encrypted. I’m trying to find a board for the WD 4 TB SATA #: WD40EZRX the PCB board number is 2060-771945-001 Do you know what I need?

Q2: I have a WD20EZRX- 00D8PBO drive that has a broken power connector.  The board  ID is 2060-771945-001 REV A. Can you help me? If so how much will it cost and what do I need to do.

A: 2060-771945-001 is your donor PCB. You also need to move your orignal PCB’s BIOS to the replacement PCB.

2060-771945-001's BIOS

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