Western Digital 2060-771698-004 SATA "L" model PCB

December 1, 2015

Q: I have a WD 3TB Green drive which stopped working (did not even spin up).  I believe this was probably due to a power spike.   I got a replacement driver board from you and when I fitted it the drive now spins up but is not recognised by my system when I plug it in to a free SATA port.  I have NOT yet tried to change what I believe is the BIOS chip. I am not actually interested in the current contents of the drive – I am just trying to see if I can resurrect it (if this one works I have several others in a similar state).  I was wondering if in such a case it is still necessary to change the BIOS chip.  I think it may be as you attached a label with arrows pointing to the BIOS chip.  Just thought I should check as it is not worth trying it if that is not going to resurrect the drive anyway.

A: Eevery PCB’s BIOS including the unique informaiton. If you directly swapping PCB, the HDD still can’t work/be recognized. You need to change the BIOS.

This type of PCB has few special one. Some unique information had been wrote on the BIOS, some had been wrote on the Main Controller IC. If changed BIOS, the HDD still can’t be recognized, you need change the Main Controller IC(the biggest chip).