Western Digital 2060-771853-000 REV P1 SATA PCB

November 20, 2015


Two weeks ago i assembled a new pc and today i decided to attach my WD Green drive. After turning on my PC i heard a power plop noise and saw some smoke my PC did power down itself after the occurrence. After detaching to HDD the PC did power-on. I unscrewed the PCB from the HDD and took some pictures.



Drive info:



I saw you have the PCB i need: http://www.hddzone.com/wd-2060771853000-pcb-p-398.html

This numbers exactly match:
Board Number: 2060-771853-000 REV P1
Main Controller IC: 88i9346-TFJ2

I however have a couple of questions:
1. Can you confirm this is the right PCB?
2. Can i replace it without Flash/EEPROM soldering.

A: 1. http://www.hddzone.com/wd-2060771853000-pcb-p-398.html is your donor PCB;
2. The BIOS need to be changed.
You can move the BIOS from your original PCB by using hot-air gun, 
then solder it on the replacement board.  Or you can find an electronics repair shop help you.