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WD PCB Swap, Different Sizes BIOS Can Be Exchanged

We know Some Western Diginal 2.5" HDD PCB has 2 BIOS (U12&U14). This kind of PCB always has the USB interface. Also the PCB's 2 BIOS has 2 different types, For example: Western Digital 2060-771761-001 2.5" USB PCB

Type 1: PCB with the 2 same size BIOS:

Type 2: PCB with the 2 different size BIOS:

If your damaged PCB's 2 BIOS are same as the Type1, however, the donor PCB's 2 BIOS are same as the Type2, how to do?

Please don't worry. The 2 kind of PCB can be used as same. The U14 BIOS on the 2 PCB are seems different, however, the bottom size (wiped joint) are the same. Please refer the below photos:

Now you know the 2 types BIOS have the same size. We will show you how to use the small one to change the big one. Please refer the Video:

2060-771817-001, 2060-771737-000, 2060-771814-001, 2060-771754-000, 2060-701675-004, 2060-701675-001, etc PCB has the same feature as the 2060-771761-001. If you get the different BIOS PCB, please refer the above content.

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