100530756 REV A

July 26, 2011

Seagate 100530756 REV A Barracuda 7200 11 PCB

100530756 REV A1. I am looking for a Seagate 1.0TB HDD with the following specs:
part number 9fz136-301
fware cc1h
100530756 rev a (board number found at the pcb at the bottom of the HDD)
It is basically a clone of my Ondoy’ed HDD which I aim to retrieve the data from – I have a contact already that might be able to help but needs a clone of my HDD with those specs as we will use the spare HDD for parts.
Please be considerate for your offers – I am willing to negotiate the price if you can guarantee you have what I am looking for.

2. Can you help me?  I fried my logic board and want to try a replacement.  Having a VERY hard time finding one with the correct firmware.

Here’s what I need it for:
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11
500 GB
S/N: 5QM138MH
P/N: 9BX154-568
Firmware: SD35
I would also totally be willing to buy the drive if you have it….
Thanks in advance!

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