2060-001092-006 Circuit Board

July 16, 2011

Western Digital 2060-001092-006 PCB Circuit Board

2060-001092-0061. Looking for a WD 40gb harddrive with the above info…have the infamous click of death and was hoping to try a PCB swap out and get some data off.

2. Wanted: WD 400 BB 32CLB0 with PCB 2060 001092 006 Rev A
I have a Bad Western Digital 400 BB drive that needs a PCB
The Drive is in the DR Lab now.
Do you have this type Drive?

3. I’m trying to resurrect a “dead” Western Digital 40gb drive in order to
do some data recovery – it’s a model WD400BB-00CLBO.
I was able to locate another controller board which has the exact same
part number as the original (2060-001092-006), but it’s from the 20gb
“version” of the same drive – a WD200BB. When I install the new board,
the drive will now spin-up, but I only get the continuous
thrashing/clacking sound of the heads against the platters. I noticed
that XP’s Device Mangler recognizes the drive as a WD*200*BB, so I know
that this is the problem.
Is there any way to make this board work with a WD400BB? Since it’s the
same exact WD part number, I was thinking that they’re must be a way of
configuring it for use with a 400 – perhaps a jumper, trace, or even a
resistor that you can change. Or is the drive type permamantly stored
in an EEPROM or whatever at the time of manufacture?
Any help will be MUCH appreciated. I can certainly buy another
controller board from a WD400BB, but I’d prefer to be able to use this
board if possible.

Buy this pcb online: 2060-001092-006

Buy this pcb online: 2060-001092-006 WD70C23-GP