July 16, 2011

Western Digital 2060-001173-004 PCB Circuit Board

2060-001173-0041. i have 2hdd with model WD1200BB-00Fta0 S/n:2060-001173-004
first with the problem of i have burned spindle motor ic burned L6282 3.2e i change it and the pcb didnot power up and i found the ic IRU1239Sc heat so i change it by good one and with no new it is also heated so where is proble?
second it power up but bios didnot read it and pc3000 cannot read it it have mesage related to cash ram so where is problem?

2. Western Digital 120GB HDD PCB needed. Here are the details of the drive:
Model: WD1200BB-00DWA0
Date: 04 Mar 2004 – yes i know its old
PCB details: (don’t know what they all are)
Manufacturers #: Topsearch TS-M-8V01C 94V-0
PCB #: 2060-001173-004 Rev A
I’d be happy to get either the PCB by itself or replacement HDD

3. I have a client’s Western Digital 160 GB ATA hard drive that’s dead. Won’t spin up or anything. They say there’s irreplaceable data on the drive but before I recommend they send it off to Drive Savers, I thought I’d try swapping out the logic board with a functioning drive. I have an old 160 WD SATA hard drive. The SATA board has the same shape and mounting screw locations so it will physically fit.
Serial # for the ATA logic board is 2060-001173-004 REV A
Serial # for the SATA logic board is 2060-001267-001 REV A
Is this swap doable or should I try to find the exact same drive as the dead one?

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