July 12, 2011

Western Digital PCB 2060-001252-000 Circuit Board

2060-001252-0001. Any help in finding the pcb or used hdd for the hdd below would be very much APPRECIATED
S/N: WMAJ95522049
Date: 20 sep 2004
LBA: 156250000
PCB #: 2061-001251-000-AH

2. I was a bit stupid and copied all of my precious files onto one drive while I was transferring data to new PC. And when I got to the important drive, it was dead. I’m guessing that it doesn’t get any power because the drive doesn’t spin.
I’m hoping it’s the board that is dead, but as there are no LEDs or anything, it’s hard to tell. The drive doesn’t vibrate at all when it’s powered on.
So my question is: How do I find a board for this drive?
There’s a white label on it with a barcode and text that says:
2061-001252-000 AE XW 1V12 QFC5 5 0005450 445
The board has a tab at the top that says:
2060-001252-000 REV A
I don’t have a Torx screwdriver so I can’t see underneath yet.
Any suggestions? I’d really like to try to get my data back!

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