July 14, 2011

Western Digital 2060-001266-001 PCB Circuit Board

2060-001266-0011. When powered up the drive spins slightly, PCB is hot to the touch right near the center circle part like the motor control chip is burned out. Bad external case shorted it out I think, the drive, motor & data should be ok.
MDL: wd2500BB-22GUA0 (250gb – 230 gigs of data on it)
DATE: 11 Jan 2005
PCB # – 2061-001266-200 AF (sticker)
PCB # – 2060-001266-001 rev A (on the board itself)
Need a pcb to swap with. Will compensate.

2. Hi, I am looking for the above Western digital HDD with an idea to perform a
data recovery.
My HD stopped working after a power failure. There is no mechanical movements etc. Also there are other PCs that went through the same power failure & their HD are working alright. At the moment, this WDC HD does not spin at all, no noise & no vibrations when powered on. So I am sure that the PCB is faulty. Also there is no visible damages on the 2 sides of the PCB.
What I am looking for is the PCB (circuit board of the HDD) with the PCB
version number – 2060-001265-001 REV A. This number is visible on the PCB
Do you have this HDD PCB & would to help me recover my data, it will be much appreciated.

Buy this pcb online: 2060-001266-001