July 19, 2011

Western Digital 2060-001292-000 PCB Circuit Board

2060-001292-0001. My power supply in my desktop shorted out and took both of my drives out with it. Neither will spin up at all. The data on the drives are very important, pictures home movies for the past 4 years stuff like that.
I’m pretty sure that both PCB motor control chips got burnt when it happened. So the drives themeselves are probably fine.
My drives are WD1600JB-00GVA0 and WD800JB-00JJA0.
I just received a matching WD800JB that I won and swapped out the PCB board. The drive will now spin up but is being recognized by the bios as a WDC ROM MODEL SABRE. Which i don’t believe is correct. Anyway Linux nor windows recognize the drive and neither does fdisk.
I am afraid to bid on a WD1600 now that I fear this isn’t going to work. Do you have any suggestions on what I could do?

2. I have got a problem with my hdd. The controller card is burnt out. I obtained another one but the firmware is the wrong version. Any ideas?
WD80BB card is 2060-001292-000

3. what i want is change burned pcb 2060-70129
2-002 with good 2060-001292-000 and this what i do
1- i change the rom from bad pcb to good pcb
2- i switch the pcbs but still hdd read as sabre or mamoth
and what i want is change 701292-002 with 001292-000 and get right firmware in bios so that i was asking is there any thing other rom i must move from bad pcb to the good one to get right firmware

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