July 4, 2011

Western Digital 2060-701314-003 PCB Circuit Board

2060-701314-0031. I have a WD3200JB 00KFA0 (IDE hard drive) and it does not spin up. It seems like its not powering up. I am guessing that I need the PCB board. On the board it has these numbers : 2060-701314-003 REV A On the sticker it has these numbers : 2061-701314-A00 AP XT 2L24 JXRE 1 0001190 7 191
Do you have one? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

2. Due to overcurrent (ha ha, one more time WD problem ??? ), I need a PCB for my WD HDD:
DATE : 28 aug 2006
Sticker PCB# : 2061-701314-A00 AP
Engraved PCB#: 2060-701314-003 REV A
Can you help me ?
thanks in advance !

Buy this pcb online: 2060-701314-003