July 7, 2011

Western Digital 2060-701474-002 PCB Circuit Board

WD-2060-701474-002-SATA-PCB1. Have a failed WD7500AACS. I really want to save my kids’ baby pictures and music files. Data recovery places are just too expensive.
Used my multimeter and tested the motor contacts to find no voltage being supplied to the drive’s motor. Do you have another drive and/or control board would be most appreciated.
Board specifics…
Etched in the corner….2060-701474-002 Rev A
White Sticker….2061-701474-300 AA XC 4H05 3U79 H 0003090 8093
White printing on board….94V-0
White printing on board….ELEC-8
White printing on board….E3330BS

2. Do you have a WD10EACS hard drive in stock?
Apparently these drives are a discontinued model due to the newer 10EADS model being faster/cheaper etc.
However, I need one of these to attempt a recovery of a damaged WD10EACS drive. The D model has 3 platters, where the C model has 4, so as far as I know they’re not interchangable (please correct if wrong).
If anyone has one of these drives they’d want to sell, let me know also.

Ok here’s the details on my drive:
Drive MDL = WD10EACS-00ZJB0
Date = 18 NOV 2007
Serial = WCASJ0580031
1088-TPK OC AC7X10CH written in black on bottom of drive.
PCB = 2060-701474-002 REV A – Copper Trace
E3330BS RU – White enamel
2061-701474-300 AA XC 4H05 4792 9 0007180 8187 -> White Sticker

Buy this pcb online: 2060-701474-002