March 22, 2012

I need to recover data on WD drive – PCB fried by faulty power cable (will not spin up, not recognized in BIOS). I wonder if you can help me with this question?

My board:
PCB: 2060-701477-001 rev A
MCU is Marvel 88i6745-TFJ1

Donor board:
WD5000AAKS-00TMA0 (exact match)
DCM: HBRCNV2AB (close match?)
PCB: 2060-701477-001 REV A (exact match)
Since this PCB has Marvel chip and NO external eprom/BIOS (no 8pin chip at U12), I cannot transplant the adaptive data.
1) What are the chances this PCB will work if directly transplanted (without copying adaptive data)?
2) Is there a risk of damaging the drive/data if transplanted with wrong adaptive data ?


2. WD5000AAKS-00TMA0 issues. PCB? Diode short? Please help!

I found a duplicate drive. Same Model number, different manufactured date, and the numbers on the PCB were almost the same.
Original PCB –
Sticker – 2061-701477-800 AC
Board – PWB 2060-701477-001 Rev A
Replacement PCB –
Sticker – 2061-701477-800 AF
Board – PWB 2060-701477-001 Rev A
When I swapped them out, the drive in question powers up and stays powered on and sounds good, but it cannot be seen by the BIOS or the OS. This is either USB or internal SATA.

3. Resuscitating fried PCB logic board

A faulty cable from my power supply fried my hard drive – it will not spin up or register in BIOS. I have been researching “PCB or logic board transplants“ all over the net but cannot find clear answer if this will work in my situation:

My board is:

PCB stamped: 2060-701477-001 rev A

The closest PCB on ebay matches identically EXCEPT for DCM:


(4,5,6,6,7th character match which I understand are the vital ones for PCB transplant)

My question is : if I attach the ebay PCB to my  hard drive, will it work to recover my data É I have read mixed comments about this.  Some people state that you need to transplant the eprom from the dead PCB (an 8 pin chip). However, my PCB does not have a separate eprom chip – I think the data is stored within the Marvel 88i6745-TFJ1 chip which I cannot re-solder (hundreds of pins!).

Is there any danger in attemping to use this PCB on my dead driveÉ  IE can you do damage to the data on platters or make future recovery more difficult.

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