March 22, 2012

1. WD5000BMVV

I have this HDD with USB PCB wich the client said that it was not recognized and it didn’t fell down.
When I plug it in, no spin, no noises, nothing.
I tested with a SATA PCB, still nothing but I ordered 2 new PCB: a Sata and a USB.
When they came, I attach the new PCB’s and it spins. GREAT!!!
Wrong: after swaping U12, the HDD doesn’t spin. Nothing. I have tried swaping U12 and U14 of the USB PBC and still nothing.
With the donor PCB with it’s donor ROM it spins….
What should I do??

Let me clarify my examples I had, 2 times so far I’ve had this problem with WD5000BMVV:
Patient PCB was USB: 2060 701675 002
Donor PCB was SATA: 2060 771672 001

Patient was spinning with original USB PCB. I moved U12 to donor SATA PCB and drive does not even spin up.
The process of moving U12 was 100% correct, so the problem was not in the soldering job.

Fact : Just fixed one -few minutes before- with PCB # : 2060-701675-004 REV P1 ( USB interface ) with donor PCB # : 2060-771672-004 REV A ( SATA interface )
the drive had some damaged modules so I replaced the PCBs and worked on SATA interface after swapping U12 only ( theres no place for U14 on the SATA PCB ) then after fixing the drive back the USB PCB, and the drive now is working like a charm.

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