circuit boads hard drives

June 4, 2012

1. Hard Drive Circuit Board replacement

My 2nd drive (500GB) no longer works….
A: If 2nd Drive is installed in the computer and i start the computer, it gets to the bios then restarts itself.
B: When it is not installed the computer runs.
I really don’t want to do anything reckless as I don’t want to lose the data on it if i don’t have to.
C: I’ve been told that the Circuit Board might be bad and that it can be replaced with a same model. and not cause any problems.
D: Does this seem reasonable? or does it seem like another problem?
E: If i do need a different PCB, what Specs would i have to match?
I thank you all in advance.

2. Western digital circuit boards buy

I’m looking for a PCB for a 500 GB from Western Digitel. Product Date is 26 July 2008. Model # WD5000AAKB-00YASAO. Thanks for any Help.

3. Samsung circuit boards

Hello, looking for a samsung hard drive circuit board
Model HD103SI, HDD P/N HD103SI/Y its for a tb hard drive, can anyone help

4. Could replacing an old hard drive’s circuit board make it work again?

I have a 12-year-old, 10gb Maxtor drive that died on me around 7 years ago, but I have not had the heart to throw it away. When the computer powers on, it whirrs silently as it tries to spin up and then it stops.

So, a few years ago, I sent it off for professional data recovery. They were able to retrieve quite a bit from it, but I know there’s a bunch more there. It only cost $700, so I just chalked up the lackluster recovery effort to "you get what you pay for" considering that most companies will charge you several thousands of dollars for this kind of data recovery.

When they sent the drive back, I couldn’t help but plug it back in just to see if maybe they unjammed something in the process of disassembling/reassembling the drive. To my surprise, the drive had a much healthier spin-up sound and actually stayed spinning for several minutes before winding down to a halt. Windows is even able to detect and interact with the drive, but I get I/O errors after so many minutes of waiting for it to mount.

Before I start doing stupid stuff with it like dropping it on the ground, freezing it, crapping on it, etc, I decided to buy the exact same model off Ebay so that I could swap the circuit boards as a last-ditch effort. While it’s en route, I thought I’d come here to ask if this is even a worthwhile effort and, if even remotely so, what should I know before ripping off the old board and slapping on the new?