Donor PCB BF41-00163A

November 6, 2012

Donor SAMSUNG PCB BF41-00163A

I have a HDD that has a burnt PCB. It’s a Samsung HD161HJ. Would you have a  PCB for this drive or do you know where I could find one.  I’ve never swapped a PCB before on a hard drive is there anything else that I need to be concerned about. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

You may need this number that is etched on the PCB.     BF41-00163A R00

I’m really lost bcuz my one an only samsung HDD has been broken (a small part on its PCB has been burnt) due to a power supply failure, few days ago. well all of my data including my class projects, rare music/movies, family photos, all have been lost  
So if anyone in here can help me out it’s worthier than a million dollar present for me…
then all i want is to know that what is the name/model no. of the part/chip that have to be replaced and is that safe to recover my data from the HDD after replacing it?…ur help would be much appreciated friends…

PCB No. BF41-00163A R00 SM_8M REV. 01
HDD model No. Samsung Spinpoint HD161HJ (160GB/7200rpm/8M) REV. A

For Samsung HDD, just need the donor PCB has the same board number as yours.

Donor SAMSUNG PCB BF41-00163A

Board Number: BF41-00163A
Main Controller IC: 88I6724S-LKJ2
HDD Motor Combo IC: R2S30002

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