HDD board inquiry

August 12, 2017

Q: I am having issues with my HDD.
It looks like board died on the disk.
This disk was manufactured on 08/2012
As visible on picture 3 contacts have stains on them. I will attempt to clean those with isopropyl alcohol.
But in case this procedure fails, how much would it cost to buy from you disk board (needs to be shipped to Dublin, Ireland, EU)?




A: https://www.hddzone.com/st3000dm001-seagate-pcb-100664987-rev-a-p-713.html is your donor PCB.

When you get this PCB, you need to move your original PCB’s BIOS to the replacement PCB. The 8pins (4 pins on each sides) with 25P05VP、25P10VP、25F512、25F1024、25F1024AN、SST25VF512、SST25VF010, etc. are the BIOS.

Q: This is most likely solution to my problem.
Would you know is BIOS chip soldered to CPB or can it be easily removed?

A: You can move the BIOS from your original PCB by using hot-air gun, then solder it on the replacement board. Please refer: http://www.datarecoveryunion.com/hard-drive-rom-chip-swapreplacement/.  Or you can find an electronics repair shop help you.