January 3, 2012

1. My HDD is not giving any response. The vendor told me that the PCB has failed and cannot be recovered. I have got very important data on that HDD. I want to recover it. What can be done now?

HDD PCB,Hard Drive PCB

2. Been trying to find a pcb for a 2TB Samsung HD203WI Rev.A hdd but with no look so far.
I have tried some of the links I found on here, e.g. onepcbsolution, hdd-parts & harddrivepcb but none stock the board I’m after.

Other info on the board:
Label on the black plastic strip where the connectors are reads PAPXE36EA11930
Etched on the board below that is F3_4D Rev.01
Board number is BF41-00281A 00
I believe the HDD is also known as a Spinpoint F3EG SATA
The hdd appears to have been discontinued and I’m trying to avoid having to buy another one just for the board, assuming I can get the right revision. Any help would be appreciated.

3. Repair for burnt WD 500gb SATA HDD PCB

Hi guys 3 days back my computer got shut down with smoke coming out of my WD 500gb SATA hdd , it had a peculiar smell to it. the hdd doesnt get detected. I have inquired about Data recovery which were listed in the wdc site but the prices are too steep for me to bear.
After inquiring with my office sys-admin i got to know that i can get my burnt hdd pcb repaired.

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