Maxtor ARDENT C8-C1 040111300 DiamondMax Plus 9 SATA PCB

October 15, 2015

Can I have some advise regarding the next step to rescuing my hdd please.  My hdd had stopped spinning and made no sound, no smoke, and shows no burnt marks.  After I replaced the PCB it now spins and makes normal sounds BUT but Win7 does not recognise it.  Win7 Disk Management can see the hdd hardware including hdd model but cannot initialize the drive.  I have replaced the bios chip and have checked that the soldering is done properly.  What else can you advise I try?  Can I try returning the bios chip to the original board and then replace the motor controller chip or diodes from the working board?  Can you tell me how to identify these components please?

Please check the PCB’s BIOS.


If you changed the right chip, it means your original PCB’s BIOS was alos broken. You need to find a data recovery company rewrite the firmware for you.