Maxtor HDD PCB Swap, it does work!

August 8, 2011

Maxtor HDD PCB SwapEarlier this year, through carelessness and rough handling I caused the demise of my enclosure and damaged the PCB on my Maxtor 120GB drive.

The drive contained over 70 films – many of which were irreplaceable, there was no way I was prepared to spend thousands of dollors paying a data recovery company to retrieve the data for me so I bought an maxtor pcb board on for my HDD.

All I had to do was swap over the PCB’s (the replacement had a more recent firmware revision but it made no difference) and I was back in business! My drive is now well protected inside a Weibetech Toughtech 400 USB enclosure where even my "destructive lifestyle" cannot harm it and all the films have been been backed up onto a Samsung 250GB and stored safely away…

If I’d been smarter from the start and performed regular backups I wouldn’t have ended up in that situation, but you live and learn… Anyway, despite the scare tactics and propaganda of data recovery firms, a simple pcb swap worked for me and hopefully it should for you. (though I wonder if it was a "maxtor thing")