PCB 100306336

August 1, 2011

Seagate 100306336 Barracuda 7200.7 PCB Circuit Board

PCB 1003063361. My Seagate ST3200822AS PCB board was burned causing by rather the PC or an external enclosure. The hard disk was dead, can not spinning up. But somehow i managed to power on the hard disk and it’s spinning up. When i directly connect the hard disk to the SATA connector on the motherboard, sometime the hard disk is detected when the PC boots, sometimes it does not detect it. But when I connect the hard disk to the SATA connector on the SATA card. it detected when PC boots up. When the hard disk spins up, it makes some clicking noise, about 60 seconds, it stops. Windows XP starting to load and freezes and the disk is clicking sometimes. I leave it for 1 hour, and Windows XP is still not loaded.
On the other hand, I startup windows xp from another hard disk (working one), while in windows, i connect the burned pcb hard disk, the hard disk spin up and freezes windows xp and the clicking sound sometimes happen too, 1 hour later, still freezes. I also use the Seagate Diagnostic Tool — SeaTools to run Tests on the failed hard disk, when starting the Short Test, it display an error message :
DST — FAILED – Electrical Element
So i run the Long Test, the test took more than 2 hours to run. and it detects around 90 errors on the hard disk.
I also run Partition Magic and scan the hard disk for any errors, it shows lots of Read Errors and terminated the scan process because too many of this Read Errors.
Do you have any clue what’s wrong with the burned pcb hard disk? How to repaired this hard disk? Just do a PCB swap?

2. i’m from sri lanka
i’m in need of a board for my HDD
HDD = 160 GB
Model = ST3160023AS
P/N = 9W2814-130
HDA P/N = 100316762
Config Level = 9SMA1
Config Code = B2P-01
Firmware = 3.20
HDD Board : 100306336 rev a
LSI Logic L2c2368pl
ST 100276130
winbond w9864i6dh-6
Texas SH6950 D
if anyone can send me a board via normal post i’m really thankful

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