PCB 100368182

June 24, 2011

1003681821. I recently did something very stupid and am trying to fix it. I accidentally plugged a molex connector in backwards with the computer running and smoked my friends hard drive. I know…never, never etc…I’m still kicking myself. A 400GB drive and it was packed FULL of data that he needs back. I think it was the 5V TVS diode that blew, but not sure. Do you think I did more damage than just the PCB? The drive spins up and is recognized by name when connected to a IDE>USB adapter, but doesn’t show up in “My Computer”. If someone has a matching PCB or entire drive, I’ll buy it and give it a try unless you think it’s a lost cause. Any help from the experts here would be GREATLY appreciated, as my friend is not very happy with me right now.
Drive Info:
Seagate ST3400633A 400GB 7200.9
P/N 9BD045-303
Firmware: 3.AAE
PCB Info:
Board# 100368182 REV A
Sticker# 100373052 J 3640SPB0

2. I am looking for a ST3300622A drive or PCB board with the following specs:
Model: Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 ST3300622A 300GB IDE 16MB cache
P/N: 9BD044-303
Firmware: 3.AAH
Date Code: 06453
Site Code: TK
On the PCB white sticker: 100373052 J 7639NCKF
My current drive is not powering up. If you have one, please contact me I would like to buy it. that number is 100368182 REV A

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