PCB 100504364

July 27, 2011

Seagate 100504364 BARRACUDA 7200 11 PCB Circuit Board

PCB 1005043641. I had recently an issue with a 7200.11 drive 320 GB in an HP desktop, which was no more seen at BIOS level. After consulting several people locally and going on several forums, I used the workaround proposed for solving the firmware issue identified on the Web (using a serial link and commands). It almost works, but it now seems that there is a issue between PCB and drive. As a consequence I am trying to use a new PCB for recovering the data on the disk.

Before buying it, my question is to know about the compatibility of PCBs, if I buy another (new or used) seagate disk drive for re-using the PCB. For instance, I am asking the following questions:
– is the PCB coming from a ST3320613AS (instead of 813AS) compatible with my drive?
– what are the criteria for assessing compatibility of a PCB with my drive?
*ref of the PCB printed on the board itself (100504364 REV B on my drive) for instance ?
*ref printed on the sticker (100504356 JC91202M2)?
– is there a need to do something else on the new PCB in order to make it work (I red on some forums about rom swap)?

For information here are the specifications of the drive:
P/N: 9FZ182-60
Firmware: HP21
Date Code: 09173
SiteCode: TK
On the PCB: 100504364 REV B
On the sticker on the PCB:100504356

2. Wanted Maxtor 320GB SATA DiamondMax 22
S/N 9SZ4GB83
P/N 9HM16C-327
Firmware MC1H
Date Code 09491
Site Code TK
Stiker 100504354 K C9480UTQ
Board 100504364 REV B

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