PCB 2060-001100-003

July 21, 2011

Western Digital 2060-001100-003 PCB Circuit Board

PCB 2060-001100-0031. Looking for a hard drive Western Digital 20 GB WD200-EB model, produced between 2000-2003.
I need electronic board in “rent” a half hour. I got one too, with little engine controller burned. I have some important data on it that I have recovered. I have one at all WD200-EB company but is produced in 2004 and the guys have changed little engine with a WD JVC and normally have changed and the controller, so I do not help anything.

2. it’s a 40GB IDE hard drive, and I only need the
Controller board it.
But may also take a full-functioning board.
Accurate model of the disk: WD400EB-00CPF0
Marker boards (copper in Print): 2060-001113-001
The controller must be in good working order!
I have a 80GB drive from the same series, but there is the
Controller again a little different layout to, and the
Pasen holes together no more

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