PCB 2060-701567-000

July 21, 2011

Western Digital 2060-701567-000 PCB Circuit Board

PCB 2060-701567-0001. Powerfailure killed my disks with 4 wd1002fbys and 1 wd2003fyys. I have borrowd PCB from equal disks and can save my data, but it will cost me much to buy new disks. Is it woth it to repair the pcb on these disks? They are pretty new. I cant se any failure or burnt areas on the PCB’s. All the disks spin up when I mount correct PCB so i guess the fuses/diodes saved the rest of the electronics.

2. Dude fingolfingr to YPERefcharisto for information. Only please, tell me why HANO somewhere in the tramp on you.
If I buy a same plate (eg one or the same disk) should be on board wearing NOW disk, I put the Chip by the new board, or what should the new board to put the chip that currently wearing the disc?
I want to say that if something is burned, it will be the reason chip temperature. So I figured, hard work. Also, since it seems to know, if I find a plaque with the same firmware and it stands on the turntable (to avoid the tramp of the chip that is dangerous and difficult) it worked logically, right?
I have asked a foreign company to find my plate with the same firmware and I answer them. I hope other words …

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