PCB 2060-701590-001

July 21, 2011

Western Digital 2060-701590-001 PCB Circuit Board

PCB 2060-701590-0011. HDD1: WD 640 GB, Caviar Green (old)
S/N: WD6400AACS-00D6B1
WWN: 50014EE1573C3C9B
DATE: 04 AUG 2009
LBA: 1250263728
Firmware #: 2060-701590-000 REV A
I’ve one Western Digital 640 GB hard disk that suddenly stop responding a month ago. There is no burn on it’s PCB, everyhing looks okay. I still can feel the disk is spinning when I power it on. I managed to get another hard disk, WD 320 GB which has quite similar firmware version as below:
HDD2: WD 320 GB, Caviar Blue (new)
S/N: WD3200AAKS-00L9A0
WWN: 50014EE05764353D
DATE: 06 FEB 2010
DCX: 8003LPB91
Firmware #: 2060-701590-001 REV A
I’ve tried the ‘change PCB method’, but that didn’t changed anything, my PC still can’t detect this drive. I want to try to change the U12 ROM ship, but the patient PCB do not has U12 ROM chip on it. What else can I try?
I really need to get the data inside this dead hard disk, there are so many important data in it. Kindly, please guide and help me to get those data back. Thanks in advance.

2. I had a power supply go out and it took the hard drive with it. It would not power up or do anything. It is a WD 1600AVVS. From reading forums I hoped to pull the PCB and just remove the diodes(fuses things if I am using wrong name) at a chance they had blown but when I took off the PCB I saw the burnt chip(chip on left in picture below). Do you have a replacement pcb that will work for this drive? Not having any luck looking on eBay. I have read about the difficulties with the newer hard drives and swapping PCB’s so any advice would really be appreciated. Can that burnt chip be replaced if a PCB cannot be found or swapped on these drives? I have included a few pictures if it helps.

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