PCB 2060-701640-007

July 21, 2011

Western Digital 2060-701640-007 PCB Circuit Board

2060-701640-0071. Right so I have just managed to get through to someone at WD themselves on the Telephone help line and they have told me that I can place an RMA advance return request…..
So basically they are sending me an exact matching drive so as I can attempt data recovery myself..he mentioned that I could open the drive up etc. and swap the board over ..They seemed really cool about this and the guy on the phone said it would arrive in less than 5 days….how good is that? If I do not return the old drive within 30 days of receipt then I get charged … in this case the cost is less than I payed for a new drive over here in the UK (and my drive was on sale) amazing.
Anyway I just thought that this might be useful for the other folks who have burned out drives.
So fingers crossed they will send me the right board drive with the right board.
Thanks for the technical help which I might still need if this board doesn’t turn out to be correct!

2. After a power outage, my HDD WD1002FAEX seems to be dead, the bios didn’t detect the drive and make some strange noises.
Model: WD1002FAEX-00Z3A0
S/N: WCATR1767232
LBA: 1953525168
Date: 16 Jun 2010
R/N: 701640

My first attempt was to buy another hard drive with the same characteristics and share the pcb, but obviously did not work was recognized by the bios and did not sound although that if spinning, now that computing is not as it was 10 years ago, and the solution to the problems and is not simple, and not enough to change the card but you have to do other extra things.

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