PCB 2060-771640-003

August 4, 2011

Western Digital 2060 771640 003 PCB Circuit Board

PCB 2060-771640-0031. A customer’s Western Digital drive isn’t spinning or being detected by BIOS.
Model: WD5000AADS-00S9B0 {1 platter, yay!}
Date: 06 AUG 2010
DCX: 5007S9495
Made: In Thailand
PCB Marking: 2060-771640-003 REV P1
PCB Sticker: 2061-771640-N03 02P
Customer’s house had a power surge, and his power supply and motherboard blew. On the hard drive PCB, the Smooth L7251 3.1 is clearly fried, and a few other parts are possibly discolored. In the process of frying, this chip melted the foam pretty well in the area. It does have an 8 pin EEPROM at U12. Hopefully the EEPROM is unaffected. Also, hopefully it died before affecting the motor and/or heads.
I already had another WD5000AADS-00S9B0, but unfortunately it’s PCB is 2060-701640-001 REV A {2061-701640-300 AAD1}, and is the version without an 8 pin EEPROM at U12. (As expected, no luck with it.)
Do you have the correct PCB available? If so, what would you charge for it — and for you to move the EEPROM over if I mailed you the fried PCB? I have very limited soldering experience and would prefer to have both taken care of.

2. Hello, I am looking for a WD1002FAEX PCB. Information as follows:
MDL: WD1002FAEX – 00Z3A0
DATE: 18 AUG 2010
Thank you for your help.

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