PCB BF41-00263A

October 9, 2012

1. HELP!!! HDD SAMSUNG HD503HI – PCB BF41-00263A-02: I am on the lookout for the PCB for the hard disk samsung HD503HI, the PCB’s model is BF41-00263A 02. The HDD to start does 3 or 4 small symptoms and next stops. The BIOS does not recognize it. Do you have this Samsung PCB BF41-00263A?

Samsung PCB BF41-00263A

2. PCB and ROM DEAD SAMSUNG HD502HJ: Got a case with DEAD ROM, tested with DONOR PCB. (NO SPIN)
PCB: BF41-00263A-02
give me several rom files so that i can test/verify.

This SAMSUNG PCB BF41-00263A can be found on HDDZone.com