PCB Firmware Transfer Partners

June 5, 2012

Look for partners to help our customers transfer the firmware or change BIOS/Main Controller IC.

We sell all kinds of second hand Hard Drive PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for data recovery and HDD repair.

The HDD’s BIOS/Main Controller IC including the unique firmware. In most cases, our customers need to change the BIOS/Main Controller IC from their original PCB to the replacement PCB, In order to make the replacement PCB compatible with their PCB.

Changing the BIOS/Main Controller IC needs professional tool – hot air gun or professional tools to transfer the firmware. Most of our customers can’t do BIOS/Main Controller IC changing by themselves, so we want to look for partners to help them.

If you are a Data Recovery /HDD Repair Company or an Electronics Repair Shop and willing to help our customers, please offer the below information to info@hddzone.com:

1.    Company name,
2.    address,
3.    tel
4.    Price to change BIOS/do BIOS firmware transfer
5.    Price to change Main Controller IC/do Main controller IC firmware transfer.

We will list your information on our website, and then our customers can contact you.