January 4, 2012

1. hard drive recovery/pcb question – Was working on my pc, which has mirrored 250gb drives. PC Locked up and heard light clicking. This had happened once before, it was the power cable loose on the sata drives. I touched the cable, pc remained locked…. seemed like it powered up for a sec but nothing happened.

Powered off pc, both drives unrecognized by system. Which is odd for a mirror, but it must have gotten a power surge. One of the mirrored drives clicks on boot (not clack-clack-clack like a crashed head) but more like spin up, click, spin up, click… like it can’t find where to start. the other drive gets no power at all.

The mirror worked not 15 seconds before the clicking began. It would be odd for both drives in a mirror to have simultaneous head crashes… so i’m thinking it’s the pcb.

i have 2 new drives coming in from Western Digital.. could take a PCB off one of those and see if it works… if not would need data recovery.

the pcb obviously supplies a power source. can a busted pcb make a drive click? i would THINK so, but hey, maybe not.


2. Repair for burnt WD 500gb SATA HDD PCB – Hi guys 3 days back my computer got shut down with smoke coming out of my WD 500gb SATA hdd , it had a peculiar smell to it. the hdd doesnt get detected. I have inquired about Data recovery which were listed in the wdc site but the prices are too steep for me to bear.

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