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January 6, 2012

1. Need PCB Hitachi 1TB HDD HDT721010SLA360 P/N:0A38016 – I need hitachi 1TB HDD PCB
Model: HTD721010SLA360
P/N: 0A38016
S/N: MH2NJ3GK  MLC:BA3013  APR-2009
If you have above mentioned PCB in your stock, plz feel free to contact me.

PCB Hitachi,Hitachi PCB

2. New PCB for Hitachi HDD – I am attempting to source a PCB for my HDD. The info on the main chip is as follows:-
1st Line: UAB-M3071-S
2nd Line:D2.2 0
3rd Line: 0A58780
4th Line: DECNSG
5th Line: 0835 E9 (E9 is in a circle)
6th Line: ZA83401900F
The info for the HDD is as follows:
Make: Hitachi
Model: HD721010SLA360
PCB Info: 0A29896 BA2950C Z60906 1BWF

3. hitachi 1tb hdd pcb replace – i have 1tb hitachi hdd. suddenly it stoped working…
when i only connect sata power connector & remove sata data cable, mobo can’t get display.. its strange…….
i have 160gb hitachi sata hdd. i want to replace pcb on hdd & get data back. its work?
or my friend have hitachi 1tb hdd & use 1tb’s card for data backup???

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