PCB Samsung

January 4, 2012

1. Compatibility in swapping out the PCB – So I’m wondering if you have any knowledge about swapping out the PCB (printed circuit board) on 1.8" HDD….

I have this Samsung model (Samsung HS16VJX – 1.8" HDD 160GB) where the OEM PCB is a direct to USB port. I need a ZIF drive (yes, for an iPod) and found the PCB on hddzone.com for a Samsung HS081HA 80GB 1.8" ZIF Hard Drive. Thought about purchasing it and hoping for the best, but would prefer to have some confidence behind spending the money.

Samsung PCB,PCB Samsung

2. Looking for PCB Samsung BF41-00075A – As the subject shows, I’m looking for a PCB for a samsung 2,5” HDD (a pretty old one ~ 2004). Here is the numbers I found on the HDD :
PCB : BF41-00075A
Model : MP0603H
Numbers on the blank round in the middle (because the flash of the camera makes it unreadable) :M40 NSXB041108
I don’t really know what other information could be needed so I join the pictures of the disk.
Help will be really appreciated !

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