Samsung Hard Drive Circuit Board

January 6, 2012

1. Samsung hard drive circuit board – I have a samsung 400 gb harddrive that does not work. I tested the circuit board and there is a lapse of voltage going through it. I know for a fact that just the circuit board is non functioning because I replaced it and now I am trying to fing another one. Model # HD400LD (400gb/7200rpm/8m/PATA)

Samsung Hard Drive Circuit Board,Samsung PCB

2. Samsung HDD circuit board needed – I need a circuit board for a samsung hm08011 80gb hard drive.

3. Samsung HD154UI circuit board repair – I have a Samsung HDD as above which was in a USB enclosure which my son used for storing his photos. The other night he plugged in the wrong PSU and managed to fry the thing Needless to say, he hadn’t backed it up. So, I’ve got the drive out of the enclosure and tried it in another one, but it won’t power up at all, in fact it seems to stop the PSU from working??? Do you know if there are any fuses or other things that might have been damaged and cause this? Are there any circuit diagrams out there for this drive? Can I buy another drive of the same type and swap the boards over, just to get the data off?

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