Seagate 100435196 Barracuda 7200.10 PCB Circuit Board

September 10, 2015

let me know if you have PCB with the following hdd characteristics
Model: ST3500630AS

P/N: 9BJ146-568
Firmware: 3.AFM
Site Code: SU
Capacity: 500GB
Main Chip #: TTB4398A0
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10

Please advise the board number which is etched on the PCB, as the attched photo.


The Board Number is : 100435196 Rev A

Please refer:

When you get this PCB, you need to move your original PCB’s BIOS to the replacement PCB. The 8pins (4 pins on each sides) with 25P05VP、25P10VP、25F512、25F1024、25F1024AN、SST25VF512、SST25VF010, etc. are the BIOS.

Can we find pcd with the original pcb bios? I would like  do not move the original pcb’s bios to the replacement pcb

– Every PCB’s BIOS has unique info. In most cases, the BIOS need to be changed. Otherwise, the HDD can’t work.