Seagate 100565308 2.5" SATA PCB

July 16, 2012

Q1:  Hello, I am looking for a compatible PCB for a Seagate Momentus 5400.6.
Hard drive info
model: ST9500325AS
PN: 9HH134-567
FW: 0002BSM1
PCB number: 100565308 RevA
Main IC: B5503A

Q2:   I am looking for a pc board for a seagate moments drive from a laptop. The following are the details I’ve been able to glean from the drive.  Mpmentus 7200.4, 500GB, WWN: 5000C500242D013A, SN: 5VJ4QTW2, ST9500420AS, PN; 9HV144-300, FW: 0002SDM1, Date: 10356, SITE: WU
Sticker on PC Board reads: 100537087 M M0348ZTX
Large Square Chip reads ; LS1, B5503A, SEAGATE, 1002TNN1N646, 42MM001BGHF2, BAM023MG
Large Rectangular Chip reads: SAMSUNG 004, K4H281638L-LCCC, H2816 WAL030GAN
Small Sqoure Chip reads: TI 980 C, SH6966 A, 01A103T C, 64
Smallest Chip reads, 2504068, 04, 0AA1Z
Please let me know if you can assist.



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