Seagate 100617465 Barracuda 7200.12 SATA PCB

November 26, 2012

Q1: i put all the specs from the hard drive and the pcb board on here just hopeing. i have the right one.i know i will probly have to change the bio or memory chip on the pcb board.  i have a eletronics guy going to do this for me
Here r the spec on the driv
Sn 5yd5kckz
St 1500dl001
p/n 9vt15l-570
fw cc98
100617465 REV B pcb
date 12085

Q2: I want to buy a hard disk pcb replacement for seagate ST2000DL003.
Do you have the it?.
If they do, what would be the price with shipping to Spain?
HD model: ST2000DL003
firmware: CC32
P/N: 9VT166-301
Board nº: 100617465 rev B


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