Seagate PCB Board Sale

December 28, 2011

Seagate PCB Board SaleExcellent working condition PCB Logic Boards for Hard Drives of following Manufacturers: Maxtor, Western Digital, Seagate, IBM, Samsung and many more Manufacturers. Usual sizes start from 10GB and up to 500GB. We cannot guarantee your drive to be repaired by replacing the board, but we do guarantee our boards in good working condition. With your request, send us a details of your hard drive. Every info that you will provide about your drive will help us serve your needs better.

1. sobh… the PCB logic board of my Seagate Barracuda HDD, 7200.8, 300GB, Ultra ATA, model ST3300831A, P/N 9Y7284-301 is FRIED!
So now I’m looking to buy a same HDD or, at least, the PCB logic board of that model, but I’m no able to find them nowhere!
WHO can help me?

2. Seagate hard disk drives PCB match guide: Match the following

  • The Firmware
  • The Configuration Code

Often this will be enough but in some cases matching the above will not result in a working drive. This is due to incompatibilities in the extended ROM. When this happens it’s necessary to match the code on the ROM chip from both drives, or if an identical spare can not be found – transplant it from the faulty drive’s PCB onto the new PCB.

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