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January 3, 2012

1. HELP! PCB Seagate 300Gb HDD Fried! The PCB logic board of my Seagate Barracuda HDD, 7200.8, 300GB, Ultra ATA, model ST3300831A, P/N 9Y7284-301 is FRIED!

So now I’m looking to buy a same HDD or, at least, the PCB logic board of that model, but I’m no able to find them nowhere! Can you help?

Seagate PCB,Seagate PCB Board

2. Seagate barracuda circuit board – My Seagate HD is dead due to lightning strike. Drive is not detected but drive light on PC is steady "on" when connected. Can the circuit board be replaced and with what level of skill?

3. Pcb seagate solution – is a  good place to find right pcb for your hard drives. replacing damaged PCB on seagate hard drive.

anyone with experience on replacing damaged PCB on hard drives? I have looked around on the web and got a few bits of the puzzle… I have a seagate barracuda 7200.10
S/N 5QD2247V
P/N 9bJ48-300
Firmware: 3.AAC
date code: 0810-5 site code:cs
cso: 0901-4
pcb# 100409233 D 38095676
what i dont know is how much has to match on the donor PCB?
any help is greatly appreciated

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