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Q:  I have a portable Samsung 500GB HDD and the PCB’s USB port broken. I have to access my HDD to recover my data. Do you have the below PCB: HDD model : HM502JX HDD P/N : HM502JX/VPZ Capacity : 500GB PCB : BF41-00288A 01 A: We have the PCB of BF41-00288A. This PCB’s BIOS… Read More »


SAMSUNG PCB BF41-00322A Board Number: BF41-00322A SAMSUNG PCB BF41-00353A Board Number: BF41-00353A Main Controller IC: 88i9025-TFJ2 SAMSUNG PCB BF41-00278A Board Number: BF41-00278A Main Controller IC: 88I8925E-TFJ2 SAMSUNG PCB BF41-00302A Board Number: BF41-00302A Main Controller IC: 88I9025-TFJ2 HDD Motor Combo IC: SH6125B SAMSUNG PCB BF41-00358A Board Number: BF41-00358A Main Controller IC: 88i9025-TFJ2 HDD Motor Combo IC:… Read More »


Q1: I’m looking for this hard drive PCB: Samsung 500GB/R54/16MB Model: HD502HI Rev A SEC-HD502HI (B) 2010.07 PCB Number BF41-00283A 01 TRINITRY_1D_REV_09 R00 Q2: Im looking for the PCB of a Samsung drive: MODEL: HD502HI P/N: HD502HI/Y PCB: TRINITY_1D_REV .09 White lebel: PMZXD981A90716 in the back of PCB: BF41-00283A 01 This Samsung BF41-00283A PCB is… Read More »

Seagate 100696152 PCB

Q: Do you guys have a Seagate 100696152 Rev A? Can I simply swap the board if Ifind a match or do you have to transfer any information from the old board? Thanks!! This Seagate 100696152 SATA PCB is listed in Seagate 2.5" Laptop PCB on HDDZone.com


Q1: I’m in search of the samsung s2 250go USB HDD PCB: Model: HM252HX HDD P/N: HM252HX/VPK PCB Number BF41-00282A 00 PCB Info M7S-S_Line Rev .01 R00 Number of Main Chip: 88i8823-TFJ2 Number of Motor Chip: TLS2505 BIOS CHIP: H9224601 Q2: Took my broken Samsung S2 to a repair shop after the usb slot seemed… Read More »


Q1: I was looking through your wesbite for a Samsung PCB. The model I’m after is BF41-00373A 00 Do you have this? Or can you tell me where I can get one? Q2: I’m interesting PCB BF41-00373A 00 (Main Chip: 88i9322-TFJ2, Motor Chip: TLS2602) Drive Samsung HN-M101ABB Did you have something? This Samsung BF41-00373A PCB… Read More »