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WD 2060-771961-001 PCB

Q1: We have a WD10JMVW 1.0 TB and I need to replace the PCB. The code of PCB is: 2060-771961-001 REV A. DO you have? Is necesary to replace the BIOS in this model? Q2: I’m looking for a Western Digital 2.5" PCB. My Board Number is: 2060-771961-001 REV A. A: We stock this PCB… Read More »

WD 2060-771820-000 PCB

Q: I have a WD5000BPVT-22HXZT3 with a PCB 2060-771820-000 REV A. I want to know if I only need to search a PCB with that same model to make a swap. Do I need to change any chip? A: For Most WD PCB swap, just need to check the board number, as 2060-771820-000. You need… Read More »

WD 2060-771824-003 PCB

Q1: i want to try and exchange the board. this is the numer i have on it it of – western digital WD on the borad written REVP1 2060-771824-003 can you help me find it please. Q2: I have a wd30ezrx 3tb hard drive and need a pcb do you carry 2060-771824-003 rev A. This… Read More »

WD 2060-771961-000 PCB

Q:  I bought a WD Elements SE Portable 1TB drive (external with USB interface soldered onto the PCB). Today, the drive suddenly/without any warning/out of nowhere it just stopped working. The only thing I can think of is that the PCB was fried. I want to change PCB to try. My questions are: 1.  which… Read More »

WD 2060-771814-001 PCB’s BIOS

Q: I want to find the PCB for my WD hard drive. WD10TMVW-11ZSMS5 (USB interface, no SATA). Model: WDBACX0010BBK-PESN number: 2060-771814-001 REV P1 How many chips on the PCB need to be swapped? I’ve heard of U12 / U14 chips? Could I just take it to an electronics shop? A: 1. For most WD PCB… Read More »

WD 2060-771801-002 PCB’s BIOS

Q: I’m interested in this product: https://www.hddzone.com/wd-2060771801002-pcb-p-453.html which firmware is installed? the same as the original for western digital 2tb hd? A: Every PCB’s BIOS has the unique info. When you get this PCB, you need to move your original PCB’s 2 BIOS to the replacement PCB. Please refer the below photo.

WD lastest PCB’s BIOS

Western Digital 2060-771761-001 2.5" USB PCB Board Number: 2060-771761-001 Western Digital 2060-771737-000 2.5" USB PCB Board Number: 2060-771737-000 Main Controller IC: 88i9145-TFJ2 HDD Motor Combo IC: SH6601AF