WD 2060-771672-001 PCB’s BIOS

March 25, 2014

Q: I am looking for a PCB with an idea to perform adata recovery.
My HDD stopped working after a power failure. There is no mechanical movements etc. This WD HDD did not spin at all, no noise and no vibrations when powered on. A fter taking the PCB off the faulty drive, you can see exactly where the Motor Controller chip has burnt out and even melted a little bit of the foam between the PCB and the hard drive due to the overheating. So I think that the PCB is faulty. What I am looking for is the PCB with version number – 2060-771672-001 REV P1.
If I find the exact PCB to swap, there is a chance of recovering some important data.

A: You can swap the PCB to try. If just the Motor Contrller IC be burnt, swap PCB can help. When you get the PCB 2060-771672-001, you need to move your original PCB’s BIOS to the replacement PCB. BIOS