WD 2060-771961-000 PCB

March 28, 2014

Q:  I bought a WD Elements SE Portable 1TB drive (external with USB interface soldered onto the PCB). Today, the drive suddenly/without any warning/out of nowhere it just stopped working. The only thing I can think of is that the PCB was fried. I want to change PCB to try. My questions are:
1.  which is the donor PCB for my harddive?
Product name: WD Elements SE Portable 1TB
Product number: WDBPCK0010BBK-01
Board number: 2060-771961-000 REV P1
2. Do I need to change any chips on PCB?

A: 1. For most WD PCB swap, just need to match the board number. PCB of 2060-771961-000 can be the donor.
     2. You need to move your original PCB’ BIOS to the replacement PCB. Please refer:
2060-771961-000's BIOS

This PCB is special. If changed BIOS, the HDD still can’t be recognized, you also need to change the U14 chip.
In most cases, just need to change the BIOS.