Western Digital 2060-001266-001 IDE full board PCB

June 18, 2012

Q1: I’m looking for a PCB 2061-001266-200AF. It is mounted in a WD2500bb-22GUAU (14NOV2004). I really need that one but no other similar (the family ones). Of course, doesn´t matter if it is used but it should work. I have read in some forums that this one WD 2060-001266-001 could work but I am not sure, would you mind to confirm that if It is affirmative Shall I have to change the U12 chip in the WD 2060-001266-001 PCB.

Q2: Please pcb2060-001266-001-rev.a chips u12 wd2500 pn:wd2500bb-00GUA0 FOR SALES

Q3: Hola tengo placa logica quemada por inversion de tensiones es un wd2500bb00GUA0 NUMERO PCB 2060-001266-001 REV A ME PUEDEN DECIR CUANTO ME COSTARIAMANDARLA A ESPAÑA MADRID U N SALUDO




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