Western Digital 2060-701292-000 IDE " L" MODEL PCB

June 18, 2012

Q1: Hello, I’m trying to figure which board I need.
My board # is: 2060-701292-002
My Main Controller IC: 88I6540-LFH1
My HDD Motor Combo IC: L6283 1.3
The PCB I found with the same board number doesn’t have a matching “Main Controller IC” . But I found a board number “2060-701292-000” that does match my “Main Controller IC”. Could you please tell me which PCB I need.

Q2: I’m looking for a PCB that fits my WD2500JB-00REA0 drive and think I found it in your site (PCB # 2061-701292-000) but I’ve heard the firmware must be transfered from original PCB, is that true? will your PCB work directly or do I need to transfer/replace the firmware chip?




This Western Digital 2060-701292-000 IDE ” L” MODEL PCB is listed in Western Digital IDE PCB on HDDZone.com