Western Digital 2060-701393-002 SATA "L"model PCB

June 20, 2012

Q1:  I have a WD3200KS Hard Drive. Wont spin. Head not moving. When I removed the cover and applied power. The platter moves like the second hand on a clock. It is also not recognized by the computer. Is this drive a candidate for a replacement PCB ? The PCB # is 2060-701393-002 REV B.

Q2:  Hi, I was looking to buy this PCB “WD 2060-701393-002 PCB”. And I am wondering if it is “REV A” or “REV B” And also what else should I look for to see if it is a perfect match?


Q3:  Does the firmware need to be transfered on yhe following board
WD 2060-701393-002 REV B
Date 18 FEB 2007
or is there any other information required




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