Western Digital 2060-701444-004 SATA "L"model PCB

June 20, 2012

Q1:  I am looking for a replacement pcb for a WD WD5000AAVS. The PCB has on it ( PWB 2060-701444-004 Rev a. ) This is printed on the PCB its self. One of the Controller IC’s has an “M” as a emblem and the numbers (88i6745-TFJ1YPMF022AH 0808 B1P TW The drive was in a”my book external HDD

Q2:  I need a HDD PCB for a Western Digital 320 gig External hard drive
L6284 3.1
The board is stamped 2060-701444-004 but it has a White Label with 2061-701444-600 AC.

Q3:  I have a dead HDD I think was caused from someone plugging in a different voltage AC adaptor so I assume it’s the PCB fried , I have some important data I wish to retrieve and to have the HDD up and running again would just be a bonus.
HDD model;
Board number on label: 2061-701444-J00 AC
Board number on PCB: 2060-701444-004 REV A
Can you confirm that your PCB (Product ID: WD10063) will be compatible ?




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